Shut Up Already, I'm Having Problems Getting It To Run

Sorry to hear that. However, there's a slight problem: I don't have all the answers (yet). You see, this is a fairly new piece of software that I have released into the wild, and until I get a better feel for what kinds of problems people are having with it, I won't have any idea what to put in this section.

Think of it like asking a seven year old orphan to write a book about raising babies. They know what a baby is and the horrible things it is capable of, but until they have to deal with those problems themselves, they won't have any idea about what kind of advise to put in a baby manual. In all liklihood, they'd probably put something stupid, like, "Just get rid of your baby" as the answer to all baby-related problems. Well, I don't want you to get rid of The Newtonator because I'm a caring individual and I love babies.

So, until I have that customer-support experience with The Newtonator, I'm going to have to ask you very politely and kindly to please file a ticket in the Support area of the Newtonator website if you ever run into technical difficulties. Or try and do some sleuthing of your own with Google; more often than not, the problems you might run into in running this or any soft synth will be a common issue stemming from some library dependency that everybody uses.